Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sometimes Life Gets in the Way

Wow, I am realizing that it has been 2 weeks plus since I have posted anything to the blog or social media. To the people that follow the posts, my apologies. As much as I would like to dedicate all of my time to this, I can't. Photography/videography is a business where there is no in between. Either you are super busy, or you are super slow. Because of that, I have to to have a day job to pay the bills. I have a wife, a daughter, and a bun in the oven. When those things call, you have to stop what you are doing, and take care of real business, as hard as it may be. It makes it especially hard when you are super busy in all spectrums. It challenges you to find a balance, and prioritize. Here is how I handle it:

Day job

Always in that order. 
If I go dark for a bit, not to worry, I will be back. I love this stuff too much to give up on it, but unfortunately, it has to take a back seat sometimes. 

If you find yourself in these situations, don't get discouraged. Keep on truckin...

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